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The 5 Best Offline No Wi-Fi Required Texas Hold’em Poker Apps ... This was a suggestion from canvassing the office for poker games and was surprisingly popular. The UI is very basic with no frills or fancy effects but it does the job well enough. The game is free and can be played offline and best of all, contains no in-app purchases. Gameplay is challenging and more than Texas Holdem is included within the app. The Best Chromebook Apps For Supercharging Your Machine ... The best Chromebook apps allow for a range of functionality. ... Evernote is a versatile note-taking and content-saving app — if you know how to use it ... but Enjoy stands out as one of the ...

Think about it: you're playing hundreds of opponents daily. Trying to keep track of everyone in your head is a pointless endeavor. Poker sites have built-in note-taking software exactly for this purpose, so take advantage of it.. Poker is a game built on information, and every hand you play with someone contains valuable insights into their playing style and betting patterns.

Love your story of stacking the guy criticizing your note-taking. Mental game is a huge part of poker, and by displaying confidence in the face of his criticism, you might have opened up a profitable mental game leak him. Great work! I love this line: “Let them think you are weird because you take the game seriously.” Words to live by. 10 best poker apps and games for Android - Android Authority Poker has been around for a long time and remains one of the world's most popular card games Let's check out the best poker apps and games for Android!

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The best news is that it not only allows you to take notes on hands…but you can also monitor your bankroll, get a PokerStove-esque equity calculator, etc. There are other apps out there as well, just do some Googling or searching in your app store to find one that works for you and your device. Ez Poker Notes, the new note taking app for Live Poker ...

I have found that if you are a strick paper note taker but you want the benefits of note taking software, Livescribe may be your best bet. Note taking software for the traditional paper note taker can be a tough sell, especially when it comes to ubiquitousness and speed, but these apps are a great way to transition your handwritten note taking

#9 note: when you limp- limp with hands with either next to no implied odds that you want to play cheaply with good position i.e. K6, limp with hands with good ... Full(er) House: Exposing high-end poker cheating devices This post exposes how real-world highly advanced poker cheating devices work. ... Note that taking a screenshot of the cheating app turned out to be more ... In the screenshot, the result is “H6, D8,” which implies that the top card is the six of ... PokerStars School: Learn Poker Rules and How to Play the Game Learn How to Play Poker. ... up some $15 Spin & Go tables and talks strategy with specific emphasis on taking notes about your opponents while playing online. Why Pokerrrrr is the best Poker App | Pokerrrr 2 - Poker with Buddies

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Unibet Poker App Review - The Impressive New Phone and Tablet If playing on an iPad, you’ll visit the App store to download the mobile poker App. If using an Android device you’ll visit the following website: